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Here at Old Colonel Cars, the Classic and Performance Car Agency, we are very lucky to have this superb Porsche 944 2.5 Manual.

I have had the pleasure of selling quite a number of 944’s, this June 1986 example really stands out as one of the best, it looks fantastic and drives so perfect, very tight and rattle free. It starts without fuss, the 2.5 engine is super smooth, its covered just 102,000 miles. It pulls very well indeed, this is a healthy 944, the gearbox is a delight to use, very precise, clutch feels nice and light and bites as it should. Once on your favourite road, you notice how good the suspension feels, go up to 70 mph +, steering feels very precise. This car very quickly gives you the confidence to push on. You could look at many examples and they will not drive as well as this 944.

The Alpine White paintwork is in excellent condition, a lovely deep shine, this 944 would look good at any show. Look closer, this is a very original, very solid example. The wheel arches, inside doors, sills, jacking points are all excellent and look to original. The back and front panels again all original, the original back panel factory spec sticker is still there. Just a really lovely example.

Inside the Porsche logo cloth trim is again in excellent condition, finished from factory with Leather side bolsters. This excellent condition extends to the deep pile carpets, door cards, dash, head lining etc. all very original and look fantastic. This is a facelift, ‘Oval Dash’ car, the revised layout is excellent.

The Porsche Tele-Dial alloys are free from curbing or corrosion, all fitted with a lovely set of tyres.

Next look at the boot and engine bay. This boot can be a problem area on 944’s, damp boots, damaged luggage covers etc. Well not on this car, all dry and as it should be. Its the same with the engine bay, looks at the pictures, it’s presents very well.

Underneath this 944, the lovely condition continues. This is a very original and rust free example, not patched up like most now.

The service history with this car is quite amazing, fully documented from new. We have all the manuals a fully stamped original service book, a folder full of all service receipts and old MOT’S. If you like paperwork with your car, this 944 will not disappoint,.

The 944 is so lovely to drive. Providing a great driving, modem classic car experience. They represent great value at the moment, this example is not to be missed.

This 944 was last serviced at 100,900 miles (Full Service) and will come with NEW MOT on sale.


Major Service History

Mileage   Garage       Work Completed
1394    Malaya Porsche    First Service
6963   Malaya Porsche     Second Service
11, 062   Malaya Porsche    Service
18, 734   Bianchi Porsche      Service
27, 000  Bromley Porshe       Service
46, 787   F Bull & Sons     Service
48, 794   B A Smith Porsche     Service
52, 382   B A Smith Porsche     Service
65, 140   B A Smith Porsche     Belts Replaced
66, 340   B A Smith Porsche     Service
72, 469   B A Smith Porsche      Service
75, 556   BI Autotech Porsche      Service / Belts Replaced
78, 516   BI Autotech Porsche   Service
79, 919   BI Autotech Porsche   Service
82, 707   Charles Porsche    Service / Belts Replaced
82, 821   Tonbridge Porsche  Health Check
92, 170   Charles Porsche    Service / Water Pump / Engine seals
94, 401   Charles Porsche    Service
94, 975   Charles Porsche    Service
95, 219   Charles Porsche    Service / Belts Replaced
95, 422  Pie Performance             Porsche Service
100, 973   Pie Performance             Porsche Service


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