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Here at Old Colonel Cars, we are lucky to have an immaculate, completely rust free and very original example of the BMW E36 M3. This M3 was registered in March 1995, so its one of the last S50 cars, with the 5 speed manual gearbox and the 3.0 engine. This car is in outstanding condition. To give you an idea how good this example is you need to know a little about the owner. An engineer who has clients such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. He has owned and enjoyed this car for 13 years, a self confest ‘perfectionist’, he looked at no less than 27 M3’s back in 2007, before selecting this example. Its been kept in a de-humidified garage when not in use, carefully cleaned and protected before storing. Its been looked after by BMW or very well respected BMW specialist from new. This car looks amazing. It has been maintained perfectly, the engine is the smoothest and quietest, most responsive S50 engine I have come across, the car drives and performs like a new car.

The E36 M3 is fast becoming a very sought after car, prices have certainly rose over the last few years and continue to climb. These early 3.0 cars are very sought after, as they prove to be the best and easiest to maintain of the e36 M3’s.

The 3.0 straight six engine loves to be revved and sounds glorious. Match this to a strong 5 speed gearbox, limited slipp diff, excellent handling and brakes, it’s not hard to see why these cars are the perfect choice for the weekend performance classic.

This M3 comes with the perfect specification, Avus Blue paintwork,  higher quality ‘Nappa’ leather interior featuring the excellent ‘Vadar’ seats, complete with Motorsport trim, Perfect M3 alloys, Sports steering wheel etc.


This BMW comes with a lovely specification. Some desirable factory extra options included top quality Nappa leather, ‘Vadar’ bucket style seats with BMW M Sport stripes, Leather steering wheel, Duel Air Conditioning, On board computer, BMW remote alarm.

Bodywork / Interior / Wheels etc

The bodywork on this example is finished in Avus Blue metallic. The paintwork is in excellent shape, a lovely deep all over shine. The owner has enjoyed competing in BMW Club concours events. Look closer, down the sides, across the large panels, no noticeable dings or dents. Look at the wheel arches, look all over the underneath of this car, its all solid metal, there are no rust bubbles, this car has obviously been very well cared for.

The interior is finished in lovely Nappa leather, giving the interior a real quality feel. This is all in excellent condition, Look at the seats, no wear, its the same on the door cards, rear seats, an outstanding interior.

The alloys and tyres on this car are in perfect condition, the alloys unmarked, the Continental Sport tyres are all as new.

Engine / Gearbox

This M3 features the 3.0 S50 engine, producing 286 BHP at 7000 RPM. This engine is an excellent unit, featuring ported and polished cylinder heads, individual throttle bodies for every cylinder, heavy-duty valve springs, single Vanos, free flowing intake and exhaust systems with Bosch Motronic M3.3 engine management. Mated to a duel mass flywheel, this is a True ‘M’ engine, its loves to be revved and sounds fantastic. This example starts and performs as good as any you will find.

The gearbox in this model is the 5 Speed model, The gearbox and clutch fell perfect, precise, good solid gear changes throughout the range. The 5 speed is often preferred to the later 6 speed gearbox, as they prove to be the stronger unit in the long run and parts are much more easier to obtain.


This M3 comes with an excellent, fully documented service history. We have all the original manuals in their original folder including a fully stamped original service book. We have a well organised folder of all service receipts, a folder of all old MOT’s, old tax discs, a full VOSA mot history and a full HPI clear report including mileage verification.

The owner wants this car to be passed on correctly. So its just been fully serviced by Darren Wood BMW specialist, including fitting a new clutch, Air con service, clear MOT etc.


With prices of the E30 M3 putting them out of a lot of peoples reach, outstanding E36 M3’s like this one are on there way up. They make an ideal weekend performance classic, simple to maintain compared to later M3’s.

Please take a look at the service history below, this maintenance on this car is amazing. The last owner has only covered a few thousand miles yet has maintained a perfect service record. If you are looking for one to enjoy whilst holding its value, the thousands recently spent to ensure a perfectly driving example has to be considered. The service visits only hint at the work gone into this car, all under trays replaced / nuts / bolts / clamps all to stand out at concours shows. Even the coolant tank was replaced as it was looking a little discoloured, all with genuine BMW parts of course.

This BMW drives and performs like a new car, engine / gearbox / suspension / brakes / clutch all performing perfectly.

This M3 has just been fully serviced and checked over by Darren Wood BMW Specialist, ready for sale and is MOT’d until August 2021.

This example is ready to be enjoyed now

Major Service History



Work Completed

Alan Kerr BMW
Pre Delivery Inspection
Alan Kerr BMW
Running In Service
Alan Kerr BMW
Oil Service
Andrews BMW
Inspection I Service
Harry Fairbarn BMW
Oil Service
Cowie BMW
Brake fluid / Coolant
Cowie BMW
Inspection II Service
Cooper BMW
Oil Service
Sytner BMW
Inspection I Service
Sytner BMW
Oil Service
Smiths BMW Specialist
Inspection II Service / Coolant / Brake fluid
Smiths BMW Specialist
Autotech BMW Specialist
Oil Service
Williams BMW
Trailing Arms
Autotech BMW Specialist
Inspection I Service / Gearbox oil / Diff oil / Brake fluid
Camco Automotive
New OEM BMW exhaust
Linwar Motors BMW Specialist
Brake lines
Darren Wood BMW Specialist
Brake Fluid
Darren Wood BMW Specialist
New Discs and Pads all round
Darren Wood BMW Specialist
Darren Wood BMW Specialist
Inspection II Service
Darren Wood BMW Specialist
Oil Service / Brake Fluid
Darren Wood BMW Specialist
Full Service / Clutch / Coolant / Air con service

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